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Metallic Material Microstructure Database (Kinso)


This database is constructed based on "METALLOGRAPHIC ATLAS OF LONG-TERM CREPT MATERIALS" published as printed matter and CD-ROM in NIMS Creep Data Sheet Project. The database contains a number of optical, scanning electron and transmission electron micrographs showing the change in microstructure during creep for up to about 200,000 hours (23 years). The database also includes various information related to the microstructures. The microstructure images and the information related the microstructures can be searched from the creep rupture data.


  • SUS304HTB 18Cr-8Ni steel
  • SUS316HTB 18Cr-12Ni-Mo steel
  • SUS321HTB 18Cr-10Ni-Ti steel
  • SUS347HTB 18Cr-12Ni-Nb steel

Microstructure images

  • Optical micrographs
  • Transmission electron micrographs
  • Scanning electron micrographs

Information related to microstructure

  • Creep rupture data
  • Time-temperature-precipitation diagram
  • Hardness
  • Size and number density of precipitates
  • Chemical compositions of precipitates
  • Creep fracture mode map
  • Number density and length of creep damage


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